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How to Make a Memorable, Disney Smoothie

A few days ago, I had my birthday (clap clap). My husband asked me what I wanted. I'm going to be truthful here, I had definitely thought about it and was going to be patient or hoped he'd figure it out (hint, hint) that by the time he eventually asked, I (without quite meaning to) blurted out in serious excitement (oxy-moron?) that I wanted to go to Disney world.

I know what you're thinking in response, judging and might even be eye-rolling but that was my birthday wish. I wanted to see Cinderella's Castle and dive into the magic that is Disney. Okay so I belt out the occasional shower chorus of 'Let it Go' from Frozen or the ever so catchy Moana themesong (yes I saw the movie recently, no I don't have children, yes you should watch it, now, do it now).

BUT I don't really know much about Disney World (there, I said it). I'm not from the US and have never been to the resort. I learnt, upon mad last minute research, that it is actually called Walt Disney World Resort and that familes plan this well WELL in advance. I learnt there are four kingdoms and the one with the casle is Magic Kingdom. I'm laughing at muself as I type this, useless Kate.

Well, on my birthday, a Friday, we bought our tickets and accommodation just outside Magic Kingdom, drove to Orlando and, after rounding up a couple friends, we went to Disney World!

We spent one freezing, wet day bouncing around (mostly me) excitedly. If you haven't been, you should go, even if it's just to see the fireworks display and castle lightshow at the end of the evening (one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and there's the music, pure nostalgia).

Here we are, 20-30 year old big kids ;)

Naturally, I got home, all Princess-inspired and treated myself to the EASIEST, guilt-free smoothie ever and twirled around drinking it :)

I give you, the Pink Post Disney Princess Withdrawal Smoothie //


PREP TIME 5 mins

AUTHOR Kate Severino


one to two cups frozen strawberries / one frozen banana (chop in advance and freeze in a plastic sandwich bag) / one heaped (Heaped) Tbs peanut butter / one tablespoon flaxseed (optional) / a cup of water (extra can be added to reach desired consistently)

*if you don't have frozen berries, use fresh and add a few ice blocks. Frozen banana makes the smoothie creamy.


​Whip out your high speed blender, add frozen banana and cup and strawbs. Spoon in PB and flax. Add water last. If smoothie is too thick, spoon in more water tablespoon by tablespoon in between blitzing.

  1. Pour into an interesting glass, add chopped, dried cranberries and insert a thick spoon (I love them, they get all chewy inbetween gulps of delicious frozen goodness);

  2. Take a picture of your creation and tag me on Instagram or FB so I can marvel at your attempts @k_severino :)


– for a creamier delight, use almond or coconut milk instead of water (will change flavor flav)

– for a thicker drink, add in 1/4 cup greek yoghurt or coconut cream.

– for a higher nutrient count, add a Tbs chia seeds

– to mix it up, add half strawbs, half raspberries, mmm.

* If you don't like/can't eat peanut butter, sub another but such as almond.

Take a sip, make a wish~*

Much love, Kate x

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