This page is about lifestyle — food, health, and the every day. 

I love to exercise and in order to enjoy my body and it's capabilities, I need good, nutrient-rich food. 

I value home cooking and family traditions. I love sharing food with people and finding healthy, wholesome ingredients. 

Journey with me in my discovery of food with family, community, and my own creations.

And if you need workout inspiration, my IG account and stories are filled with encouragement to sweat.

To me, in order to live, to really live, is to take care of myself and to fearlessly pursue a life I am consistently falling in love with. It isn't all roses but attitude plays a large role in choosing joy on the thorny days.

Living the dream

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Dandelion Meadow
Homemade Pizza
This is me

I am an explorer and avid travel enthusiast; I am energized by all things green and sun-kissed; I dabble in the creative and believe that in order to reach people, we need to be kind.

Hi. I go by Kate.


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