I am a firm believer in making my own way in the world, of grasping hold of opportunities. 

My opportunity was through a career change. I opted for a working-adventure abroad and fell in love with the idea of learning through experience, shaking hands with rich cultures.

I have experienced flavor explosions as new cuisines were sampled, sweated through jungle climates, and learned the definition of altitude sickness first hand (that's a real thing? uh, YES).

I've woken up from a sleeping-bag cocoon to a snow-capped mountain range backyard, ridden Icelandic horses with their unusual fifth gait (a unique, thrilling experience), and dipped into icy oceans and muddy lakes.

I've had conversations with hands flying and abnormal body movements to break language barriers and sipped on cool cocktails with vibrant sunset backdrops on a solo adventure.


Here are my adventures, tips, and itineraries. I hope my crazy tales inspire you. I encourage you to share yours with me, too.

Find a way, save, pack, go - TRAVEL OFTEN!

My Adventures

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Dandelion Meadow
Homemade Pizza
This is me

I am an explorer and avid travel enthusiast; I am energized by all things green and sun-kissed; I dabble in the creative and believe that in order to reach people, we need to be kind.

Hi. I go by Kate.


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