You have stumbled upon an online doodle pad that captures slices of my life and an overwhelming number of pictures that capture moments along the journey.

About me

Hi. Kate here :) Hmm, let's see. I like to think that I'm adaptable, eager to dabble in the unknown. I have a (strong) thirst for adventure and come to life when in nature. And if there's quality, well-prepared food, you have my attention.


I believe that people make places memorable and that being open and friendly can take you far!

I am a teacher by profession but have recently dived into the online world. I have been involved with social media, copywriting, and editing—it's a huge change, but I learn as I go. And I love the freedom to work remotely. 


What sparked the blog idea?

The short answer is: my travel experiences.


I am South African--I hail from a land colored with rich culture, roaming wildlife, and undeniably gorgeous landscapes. My dad is a travel enthusiast and so I started at a young age.


My first experience living away from home was in Norway, on student exchange in college. I have since lived in South Korea, moved back to South Africa, moved to the US (where my husband is from), and currently reside in South Korea (again). I have ventured to many interesting places in-between. I have gathered stories and adventurous travel experiences that I'm eager to share with you!

I have tasted and seen what is SO good. I want you to benefit from my experiences and have your own. 

Take a look around


Please take a moment to explore my blog. The experiences that have been documented are here to help YOU!

Madly clicking the page 'categories' will allow you greater insight into world-wide destinations for the avid adventurer, photography from around the globe, and reveal my published work. This is what I'm interested in and hope you are too!

Take a peek into my life, I want to share it with you.

Oh, and follow and/or comment wherever you feel fit.

Much love, Kate x



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Dandelion Meadow
Homemade Pizza
This is me

I am an explorer and avid travel enthusiast; I am energized by all things green and sun-kissed; I dabble in the creative and believe that in order to reach people, we need to be kind.

Hi. I go by Kate.


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